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Girlwonder underwent a very quick move to a new server. The domain made it. The data (10 years of websites, pictures and blog posts) did not — at least, not yet. When I get the data, the archives of Girlwonder will be up again, and any email you sent me between December 13 and 15 will get to me soon. (If not, remail it.)
And this is my first attempt at getting the Girlwonder blog to return. Despite my dearth of postings lately, I’ve not given up on it — just got busy with school.
What’s been new lately?
— My final review went well, which surprised the hell out of me. I thought that the criticism would be really harsh, but it was positive and helpful.
— I wrote 70 pages of papers in 2 weeks.
— I’ve been on the road. Zipped in and out of San Francisco on a two day trip for a freelance client there, am back in Minneapolis, where I spent Christmas, go to San Antonio and south Texas to see Enrique and his family tomorrow, back to MN and then to Conneciticut the 9th, for the start of school.
Best of the holidays to you, and a wonderful new year. I hope to have my blog pumping again soon.
xo, molly

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  1. Happy Holidays Molly. Great to hear you’re back in school and persuing a passion of yours. How did you do on the papers?
    Feel free to contact me if and when you have time when you’re here in Minneapolis.

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