Happy new year!

… and greetings from San Antonio, Texas. I spent the new year on a ranch in Realitos, Texas, with Enrique’s wonderful family. I kept forgetting what month it was — it was in the 80s, and at night, Enrique was still wearing shorts. With his mom and dad, family friend Nati, niece Kaitlyn (9) and nephew Jacob (4), we spent the day reading, filling the deer feeders, hanging out in hammocks, getting fireworks. New Year’s Eve, we shot off fireworks (culminating in small mortars that made fireworks in the sky), and then watched the ball drop in Times Square in Spanish.
New Year’s Day was another beautiful, very warm day. Enrique’s father set up the trap, and we shot clay pigeons. I’d never fired a gun before, and only hit one. I did better when we shot targets, I think … one bullseye, and at least a consistent bunch of holes in the same part of the target. Diagnosis: I was squeezing the gun too hard. I’ve always been nervous about guns because of the noise — the firecrackers made me jumpy the night before. No more jumpiness (that doesn’t work if you’re trying to take aim with a shotgun at a flying orange hockey puck.
More work to do for my freelance client, and back to Minneapolis on Thursday. Last night, I dreamt of registration and “shopping” for classes (that’s when we go to a bunch of courses to determine what we might take), and of my teaching fellowship (it looks like I’m leading a section of Architecture Since 1945). This is the first I’ve really thought of school since I left — a good thing, since I was really in need of a break when our vacation started.

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  1. Ullo. I just wanted to say that although I only very occasionally visit, I’ve always liked your little house.
    But I was a little saddened (just a wee bit) to see that the fantastic self phone pic you used to have (wasn’t the background green then…see, only occasional, heh).
    Seriously, despite any ripples in the space-time continuum from mentioning a lady’s looks on International Womens’ Day and all, I just had to say that it was a really lovely shot and brought a smile to my face and in fact gave some minor prompt in my mind to click through to here at tims, so it’s a little bit missed.
    C’est la vie of course and I know it and or your visage are around the traps – I mean, I don’t go lookin’ but I know you have a certain level of net recognition and the like …and now he soundeth like he protesteth too much. Heh.
    Anyway, thanks for the intermittent entertainment and ciao…for now.

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