My dream, only better, with hamsters

My last day in Texas, I woke up and told Enrique about the dream I had, no doubt influenced by the things I’d been doing over spring break. I made a point of remembering it. It went something like this:

“It’s Sudoku, only it’s done through Flickr, and it’s showing the posters from Flatstock.” I made a note to myself to remember it, and thought to myself, that’s really not a bad idea. I should blog that. Maybe somebody would know how to make it.

Today, as Eric was present Stamen’s work in my 21st Century Infrastructures class, I googled “Flickr mashups.” That’s where I found Hamster Sudoku. Apparently, someone read my mind, but instead of using fine-printed posters of rock shows, it was hamsters. A better idea, too.