Missing IDII’s final show and graduation

IDII class of 2006, congratulations. You guys kick ass. The world’s going to be excited about you!

But it just kills me that I missed the final, final show and graduation at IDII. The school will be fully absorbed into the Domus Academy as of 30 June, ceasing to exist as we knew it (I still think of it as the dumbass academy, based on something Jeff Veen said a few years back, after mishearing the name). Most of all, I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to visit the school once it moved to Milan. I had been close to the graduating students and wanted to see them together, as a group, another time. It even looked like a meeting might take me to London. But it wasn’t going to happen.

I’m doing a web project with Questus that still needs my attention and thus, I couldn’t leave the country. I’d hoped that I’d even make it to Europe to see my dad while he’s still teaching in Edinburgh–last year, I met him in Malta and went diving with him, the year before, I met up with him and my stepmom, Carol, in York, England. That won’t come together, either.

Okay. I have no reason to kvetch–I just miss something that mattered a lot to me and that soon will be no longer. Sigh.

There will be travel in a few weeks, but not to Europe. More on that soon–exciting news to follow.