New Yo La Tengo!

Soon, a new Yo La Tengo album and tour! I still love this band so much and hope to be in the right place at the right time for their tour. The album’s called I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass. Matador has made the first single available, “Pass the… Continue reading New Yo La Tengo!

Everything will change

After reading my lament about not knowing what I wrote a year ago when I moved to New Haven, Tom Carden sent me a year of Girlwonder from Bloglines. Thank you so much, Tom! So this is what I wrote while I was flying to New Haven. And this is my post from July 26,… Continue reading Everything will change

I left my heart in …

On July 26, 2005 I pulled my suitcase out the door of the flat at 24th and Guerrero for the last time. The cab rushed me off to San Francisco International Airport early in the morning. With that, I began my move to New Haven and began my leaving of San Francisco. I expected to… Continue reading I left my heart in …

Off to Hampi tonight

Off this weekend to see something of India! A group of us is going to Hampi. Built in 1336, Hampi became a  flourishing city and trading community, boasting a population of 500,000 at its height. In 1565, a series of Deccan raids brought the city to its knees, destroying Hampi’s temples and markets. From the photos… Continue reading Off to Hampi tonight

The missed opportunity

In reading Matt Webb’s presentation at We Love Technology, I was struck by one of his side notes: his comment about missed television. He said, My experience of missed-TV has become a social one. Even if someone doesn’t have the programme I’m after, we have an excuse to talk. It’s engaging because it taps into… Continue reading The missed opportunity


Dancing Originally uploaded by PinkHamsters. Fuga offered a preview to architects and designers of its new club in Bangalore. Carolyn and I went along. The club is really something: so many different materials and textures at play and dramatic lighting. It felt more like something I’ve seen in Amsterdam (the Supper Club because of the… Continue reading Dancing