First day

A wonderful first day … where I end up having lunch on the roof, hearing a good presentation, eat Baskin-Robbins, then take a motor rickshaw to the Oberoi, meet a mutual friend, meet young artists and the well-known founder of the NID– National Institute of Design, then go home again, finally meeting my sufficiently snarky new flatmate. (This is a high calling: I like her). The people in the gorgeous office are cool, including the people I’m working for and their people.

I was prepared to not love India. But India has treated me kindly in the last 18 hours, stares and expectations notwithstanding.


  1. Molly-
    Heard the Church, thought of you…decided to check out your latest adventures and WOW! Way cool-hope you have a wonderful time in India…can’t wait to read more of your thoughts and feelings of the Sub-continent.

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