Off to Hampi tonight

Off this weekend to see something of India! A group of us is going to Hampi. Built in 1336, Hampi became a  flourishing city and trading community, boasting a population of 500,000 at its height. In 1565, a series of Deccan raids brought the city to its knees, destroying Hampi’s temples and markets. From the photos I’ve seen, it should be wonderful. Until a few months ago, it was a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is no longer, which is of concern–how
will it be treated?

It’ll also be the first time I’ve left Bangalore since I arrived! With the exception of the school year, I don’t usually stay in one place this much, particularly if I’m in a foreign country. I’m excited for the travel.

More Monday …

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  1. Well, came across you blog when I was searching for Hampi. Its one fabulous place to visit. Don’t forget to go the the Mango Tree restaurant for lunch or dinner. Its the best scenic spot for a meal and they have various cuisines including Isreali etc.

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