They call it Delhi belly

I had planned to write about the last several days, about Arachna and her lovely friends, about my flatmates and apartment house mates, with whom I’ve formed a little community, about going to the bar with the great view, of the auto rickshaws and shopping and walking.

Instead, I’m wiped out. Not sure what it was I ate or drank, but I got stomach cramps and diarrhea. I’ve been being very careful and was sure it wouldn’t happen this quickly. The Yale Travel Clinic nurse was adamant that I take antibiotics at the first sign of a bug. I waited a bit–would it subside? But I gave into the meds. My flatmate Carolyn brought me club soda and I’m thrilled.

And I’m going to miss the final game of the World Cup. I’m going to be sleeping. I’m wiped out enough to not really care. Someone, just tell me who wins.


  1. I acquired ‘delhi belly’ not once, not twice, but three times during my 6 week stay in chennai (I was also over there for work). the third strike was a doozey and i had to seek medical attention. coconut water tastes nasty, but helps. stay healthy!

  2. Oh, Molly – I hope you feel better soon!
    Italy got the cup! We put up a “News-Fly” with all the horns in Sault Ste. Marie, on one of our Walk-Abouts.
    Get better.

  3. Molly, sorry to hear the internal cultures clashed. A few years ago I stumbled upon probiotics to also help with the problems (antibotics wiped out my good bacteria in my system which made me prone to pick-up stomach problems). My son had similar problems and his doctor has him on probiotics regularly (his doctor uses them religiously when he travels).
    I am not sure what they would be called or where to find them where you are. In the U.S. and Europe the Dannon (Dannone) has Danactive (Acumel?), which will help over a set of a couple weeks. There are other active cultures in yoghurt and tablets that can be used. This may help get your stomach more acclimated to local bacteria so they do not wipe you out.
    Hope you are better soon.

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