Dealing with travel disruptions

My last full weekday in Bangalore is today. On Monday very early, I fly to London on British Airways, something I was looking forward to doing, but now I’m thinking it’s not going to be a fun trip. I also am planning to be in both Düsseldorf and Amsterdam next week, something I now want to do by train. That might not make things much better. I’d been looking forward to my first Eurostar trip, and I’m thinking it might be annoying and not interesting.

So this morning, I’ll head to the travel agent to sort out the train. At 9:30 on the nose (in a half hour), I’ll call BA and find out what’s going on with flights to London out of Bangalore. My assumption, at least, is that in the wake of foiling a plot, it’s probably less likely something would happen on the flight. My Indian friends here, citing their experience with spending time or living in places like Mumbai and London, say that all one can do is remain stoic. Minnesotans (maybe not me, but many of them) are good at stoicism. It’s not like it was, flying right after September 11… which I did on September 17.

More on saying goodbye to India later today.