Make love, not travel? (and my upcoming schedule)

Between the foiled liquid bomb plot and the US Embassy announcing a terrorism alert in Mumbai and Delhi (please note, I will be in neither city, I will only be in Bangalore), my usual excitement for travel is instead tense and stressed. My last day at MSR was happy, but I’m spun up in a way I don’t usually get before I go somewhere.
Is that enough to keep me home? No, not entirely. Not quite like what Bill Threkeld said in the New York Times

“I really do not understand why anybody would want to go anywhere,” Bill Threlkeld wrote. “Stay home. Read a book. Tend your garden. Make love. Drink wine. But most of all — stay home.”

Hm. That’s not quite my world view.
But just to make it clear here, this is my itinerary for the next couple of weeks. I wouldn’t usually put this information out there, but I figure this might answer questions if something happens. I have no plans to deviate from this schedule as organized.
Monday, August 14: morning flight on BA, Bangalore to London
Wednesday, August 16: train from London to Dusseldorf
Friday, August 18: train from Dusseldorf to Amsterdam
Sunday, August 20: train from Amsterdam to London
Monday, August 21: morning flight on BA to JFK
-> change airports to LGA, fly to Minneapolis
Sunday, August 27: return to LGA and get car back to New Haven

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