This is the day

This is what I’ve listened to on repeat since last night. Now that I note the lyrics, I think I see why.

Well… you didn’t wake up this morning —
Because you didn’t go to bed.
You were watching the whites of your eyes turn red
The calendar, on your wall, is ticking the days off.
The calendar on your wall is ticking the days off.
You’ve been reading some old letters
You smile and think how much you’ve changed.
All the money in the world couldn’t buy back those days.
You pull back the curtains, and the sun burns into your eyes,
You watch a plane flying across a clear blue sky.
This is the day your life will surely change.
This is the day your life will surely change.
You could’ve done anything if you’d wanted
And all your friends and family think that you’re lucky.
But the side of you they’ll never see
Is when you’re left alone with the memories
That hold your life together like glue

… and with that, I’m off to the airport..


  1. Hey Molly, hope you will come back and visit us again in Blore. Have a safe trip, all the way back to New Haven
    Take care

  2. I cherish that song. It was a huge influence on me in pulling out of a depression in 1984, when it came out. I still have my vinyl 45 single of it. And it’s one of the two best songs with accordions ever, the other being “The Ghost & The Black Hat” by The Go-Betweens.
    – M. (mrmisha on the Well)

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