Core77 posts about my mobile phone sharing in India research

When I was in San Francisco a few weeks ago, I gave a talk at Giant Ant and at Yahoo! Research Berkeley. I presented about my research on urban mobile phone sharing, conducted while at Microsoft Research India in Bangalore.

I’d had many discussions with Steve Portigal about his Bangalore experience in comparison to mine: his was rather negative; mine was overwhelmingly positive. He came to see my talk at Giant Ant and presented his notes on my talk on Core77. Thank you Steve!

As far as my research goes, it will be published in two papers. The first is with Jonathan Donner, Nimmi Rangaswamy and Carolyn Wei: we wrote about the mobile phone and middle class Indian domesticity. I’m the primary author of the second piece, with Jonathan as the secondary. It’s more specifically on mobile phone sharing and its relationship with space in urban India. If things go as planned, both should be published in early 2007.


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