Andy and Carrie, my brother and new sister-in-law: married!

November is almost done. I’m almost 35. Ugh. Here are a few posts about what’s been up.

First, on November 4, 2006, my brother Andy married his longtime girlfriend Carrie. Andy and Carrie are the parents of Jack (almost 7) and Maddie, aka Mamie (age 2) and have been together for close to nine years. It was a wonderful, touching ceremony. Everybody looked great and had a great time. The ceremony was in St. Paul, Minnesota, at the Fort Snelling Chapel. Enrique came with me and has now officially met almost my entire family.


On either side of that trip to Minneapolis, Enrique and I visited PhD programs. If it’s not been clear already, that’s what I hope comes next: starting a PhD program in architecture in the fall. Right before Halloween, we went to Cambridge to visit MIT and Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. Right after my brother’s wedding, we attended the Princeton Open House (and got to see our friends Joy and Sara, who graduated from our program in May 2006).

I’ll talk more in the next post about what I’ve been doing the last two weeks: research at the Centre for Canadian Architecture in Montreal. It may have to wait, though: we’re in downtown Montreal as I write this and we’re about to hop in the car to drive back to New Haven for Thanksgiving.