Ba boom! Ba boom!

Ba boom! Ba boom!
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We got up early this morning to watch the implosion of the New Haven Coliseum (along with everybody else in the city). I've never seen people move with such urgency at 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday.

We live a few blocks from the Coliseum, but our friends Gaby, Jacob and Ilana around the corner have a roof. We brought coffee and wore warm clothes. The contractor who finished the upstairs apartment was there with his friend, their kids, and a bunch of bloody marys. As we waited, the kids started yelling, "Hey! Ho! Let's go!" Blitzkrieg bop indeed!

Then, all of a sudden at about 7:40 a.m., a series of timpani strikes. BA BOOM! BA BOOM! I think I counted eight of them and managed to snap photos before the whole thing went down into a cloud. It only took a second. About a minute later, our neighborhood of Wooster Square was engulfed by a yellow-brown cloud of dust that smelled like a cap gun. We went inside. An hour later, Meredith's eyes still hurt.

The sky was brilliant blue but now, it's snowing hard. I wonder whether the dust had anything to do with it. Ba boom!

I created a set of pictures and Enrique posted his pictures (from his new camera)

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