1. And was he not the best selling man in the world or what? Seriously, 4+ years after he was featured at the Creative Commons launch party in SF, I still remember him being the nicest dude in the world backstage but he also smelled terrific. I don't know if it was some amazing cologne or his own magic whiff, but that guy smelled great.

  2. Not only best-selling, but indeed: best-smelling. He *did* smell great. I was lucky enough to 1) share a cab, 2) sit next to him at lunch and 3) sit next to him in the class (that's my sweater and red hair poking out behind him in the picture. Magic whiff, indeed! Not to mention, we are now an all DJ Spooky household. The mix I got from him remixes everything from James Brown to bhangra to the Clash. Enrique's is a remix of a bunch of motifs from the Luxemburg Symphony–a different kind of lovely (very good for reading). It's an 80 MB file and therefore I don't even want to try to post it to Vox. But go here for a short time and you can listen to the mix I got from him.

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