Pledge drive … yet again?

I'm sure not in a major radio market. In Connecticut, I listen to Connecticut Public Radio on WNPR. Over the summer, they introduced daytime talk content between Morning Edition and All Things Considered, something that pleases me a lot.

But what does not please me whatsoever are their incessant and ever recurring pledge drives. It seems like every two months, there's a pledge drive and that's because it's true! They've started a three-day mini pledge drive today. They did one of these right before the holidays. In the fall, they did another. They did one in the summer before I went to India. That's 4-5 times in 6 months. In comparison, San Francisco's KQED does three pledge drives per year.

When I was fully employed, I gave generously to my public radio affiliates (KQED, WBEZ in Chicago, and also to my college radio station, Radio K). But since WNPR pollutes what I want to hear with these incessant pledge drives, I've been unwilling to give even at the student rate. They're really pissing me off.

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3 Replies to “Pledge drive … yet again?”

  1. We contribute to MPR/The Current. The pledge drives really are annoying but it doesn't seem like they do them quite as frequently as your station. Maybe every 4 months or so.

  2. I noticed that WNPR has been asking for a certain number of callers per hour rather than a certain number of dollars.Still, I'm getting tired of it. Connecticut has a ton of public radio stations and they all seem to run this cabal regarding who gets to ask for funds when. It just seems to never end sometimes…

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