QotD: Call The Fashion Police

You must have been a fashion victim at least once in your life. What hideous blunder did you commit? 
Submitted by Tina

I'm sure I've been a part of many — the 3 1/2 inch high flattop in high school, the knickers (no, not panties: knee-high pants) from fourth grade. But the most recent one was when I was working at home. It gets drafty in this loft apartment. I put on my favorite multicolored stripy tights I got with Maggie in Munich a few years back, a denim skirt and a bright, multicolored Oililly sweater.

Enrique came home, took one look at me and burst out laughing. I tried to argue that the same orange, green and purple in the tights was also in the sweater. He said I looked ridiculous. At least I didn't make it out of the house.

These days, my biggest fashion blunder is that my clothes don't fit. Thank you, grad school, for giving me what I used to call consulting ass. Except when I had consulting ass, I could afford to buy more clothes! Grad students can't. I look forward to fitting into my jeans again. I can't buy another pair and I don't think that I should wear those stripy tights and sweater to class…

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  1. Yes.Also, Ross saves my computing ass when it goes back up a size. Three decent new suits for a conference for $100? Oh yes. That makes my little librarian-salary heart happy.

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