QotD: What A Waste

What's something you bought, knowing it was a total waste of money?

My last car, a brand new silver 2001 VW GTI with a V6 engine. I didn't have a car at the time, but I didn't really need a new car either. I'd priced it out and had researched it for a few months, but then one afternoon, I decided to go buy it. It made me late for Marc Rettig's class (for which I was the TA) because it takes longer to do financing and paperwork. I sold the car in May 2003 because I wasn't living in the US and it didn't make sense to bring it to Italy. I haven't owned a car since, though I had a long-term lease in Italy and share a  by-no-means-new Ford with Enrique, I think it's a Taurus.

Sometimes I miss the GTI. It was so much fun to drive, so zippy, so responsive. But I've never liked car payments, strange as that might sound, and there is no need for a fancy car in New Haven. Plus, I really, really like my bicycle. It's my preferred mode of transportation. Ultimately, I don't miss having a car at all–just that car, sometimes.

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