Vox Hunt: A Real Mess

Show us a mess.
Submitted by Josie.

Here is my mess. This is a pile of sweaters, a book on CIAM that I referred to for a paper at the end of the semester, two small umbrellas in red and black, socks, an inside-out Norwegian sweater from Oleanna, a black hoodie from Old Navy, the armsof a Petit Bateau shirt, a belt, a Christmas box from my stepmom, the binder of all of our thesis chapter submissions, and more junk and junk.

I wish I were tidier, I wish we had more closet space (the closet is not a mess: it has an Elfa system), I wish we had a basement or some kind of storage.

BUT IT IS A HAPPY MESS BECAUSE I AM HOME. I am happy for this mess because I left my mom's place at noon and it took me 12 hours to get to my own bed, thanks to a long layover in Chicago. But I got upgraded, a lucky thing for a grad student who isn't sure why she's maintained her Premier Executive status after flying 11,000 miles last year on United (I figure it expires in February).

Let me repeat: I am home! I miss my family, but I'm so psyched for the semester. Maybe I should fold up some sweaters.

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  1. Ahh … I too look forward to coming home, to sitting at my desk, adjusting the height on my faux-Eames chair … hey, wait a second!!!!!

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