Michigan said yes

As you probably know, Enrique and I both applied to PhD programs in architecture. We submitted applications to MIT, Princeton, Harvard and Michigan. We received word from our first one: Michigan said yes — to both of us! These programs accept between 2-5 students, so it's a very big deal to get in anywhere. There is no such thing as a safety school. We are 50% of the ones they accepted! Now, we wait on MIT, Princeton and Harvard. Cross your fingers.

In the meantime, I pursue Plans B, C and D. I'm interviewing tomorrow to be a professor at Parsons (Plan B), talking to design and research firms (Plan C) and considering to apply for some newly announced curator positions at MoMA (Plan D). But oh, how I would like to do a PhD program. And for Enrique and I to continue being in the same place — or the same program — that would be great.

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