Simlish Smile

Been digging Lily Allen's album — reminds me of the old Two Tone stuff I listened to on my cassette player when I traveled through Scandinavia in 1991. But then Enrique just pointed me to this: her version of "Smile" in Simlish. Given that I've mocked up the Yale Architecture studio lottery (where the Dean wets his pants because I forgot to include a toilet and Mark Gage mops it up), I find this deeply amusing.

Side note: when I met the badass and beautiful Lauren Wheeler at SXSW this year, I was imitating the Sims. "Are you speaking Simlish?" she asked. I sheepishly admitted I was. "I worked on that game," she said. Smah smah!

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  1. Awesome! Putting a video capture mode into Sims 2 was possibly the best idea those crazy game designers at Maxis ever had.

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