Quick notes before I descend back into thesis writing hell

The new glasses arrived
new hair and new glasses

Here are a few things at once.

I HAND IN MY THESIS IN A WEEK. It is due the 26th. I have loads to do. So as a result, I will not be here that much. Or maybe I will be, which would be bad. Please wish me luck.

I HAVE NEW HAIR AND GLASSES. See left. I got bangs when I was in NYC. I got glasses from Selima on superduper sale. They put lenses in them and I picked them up last night. You can see the happy Molly in her kitchen. I also got a great new coat but will post later, when the weather cooperates.

THE SONG "YOUNG FOLKS" IS ABSOLUTELY GREAT, AND THE VIDEO IS EVEN BETTER. Have you heard this, or seen this? I cannot sit still if I hear the song and I dance in my seat.

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