Because you asked for it, well, two of you

I put my thesis on the internets. I'm going to be breaking it down into smaller bits on a blog I'll be launching soon to deal with this and all the other design, architecture, historical and geographical things I think about.

Theses are funny. They're a thing in their own right but so very flawed. They're not the book or article you would write. They're not the sum total of all the work you did. A thesis is the thing you do to get the three signatures on the front and go onto what you want to do next.

I'm aware of all the issues and problems with this and before it would become anything else, it would require substantial editing. (I have 100 pages of notes in my advisor's hand describing just that).

But if this doesn't daunt you, you're invited to read "The Architect, The Sketch and the Response: Construing and Constructing Cedric Price's Generator." And in a few days, you can read some digested snippets on the blog to be, elsewhere on the Internet. Stay tuned.

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