QotD: Weekend Plans

What are your plans for the weekend?

I'M GRADUATING. That's what I'm doing this weekend. On Monday at about 11, I'll get my master's diploma from the Yale School of Architecture. Okay, you probably knew this already, considering it's all I've posted about for the last few months. But I put on the cornered hat, a purple tassel and hood and polyester robe and shake the dean's hand and get a cool diploma in Latin.

Enrique's parents arrived last night. In a couple minutes, I leave to get my brothers at the airport. My Mom and stepdad arrive tomorrow around noon. (My Dad and stepmom can't make it because he's teaching in Scotland and it's the first day of class.)

So far, parties. Parties. Other parties. More parties. Graduation parties. And then all of a sudden, pay fines, return books and that's that.

And then I go to Denmark June 2, to Shanghai June 11, back to Denmark the 17th, back to New Haven the 22nd — pack up and move — and then back to Copenhagen for the month of July. No Supernova, it turns out, but San Francisco in August. We're homeless for 7 weeks and it's kinda nice.

More pictures soon. Whee.

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