Movers and Denmark

I've been silent here because either I've been working madly in Denmark and Shanghai

and now, I'm in New Haven and the movers come in an hour or so.

Ugh. I hate moving.

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  1. actually, we're in denmark. new haven was a mess — our move was really unpleasant and on thursday night at midnight, we headed for nyc. we just arrived in denmark a few minutes ago. we are back on the east coast for real in september and though i'm sorry it will be a while, it'll be great to see you guys then. i'm looking forward to our jackson heights jaunt!

  2. Moving is like dipping down into the fourth circle of hell – I hope it all gets to where it should be going in one piece in the alloted time.

  3. I'll be back from London in late August and we'll go for curry. (I also found Curry Hill – part of which is very close to the KGB Bar, a must-drink place)

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