Hüsker Dü on the Today Show

Oh Melissa, please tell me you're reading.

It hit me tonight that somewhere on the Internets, there must be a video record of the first time I really cut school, 20 years ago (?!) when Hüsker Dü played on the Today Show. Melissa and I drove to downtown Minneapolis to see this. The band played for about 30 seconds on the show, then went on to play a 45 minute gig in downtown Minneapolis, right outside what is now the courthouse where my mom is a judge.

There's some part where I was caught on camera during a commercial break. My mom was watching the show and didn't see me. I think it took years before I admitted that I had indeed cut school to do this — but what a great, legendary Minneapolis region to do so. I was 15.

The sound sucks but the clip is great.

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  1. I swear, earlier today, I saw a site that had video of Joan Rivers interviewing Bob Mould and saying he was a sellout for making his music more poppy with Warehouse. Yup, here we go, on YouTube, of course

  2. I swear, earlier today, I saw a site that had video of Joan Rivers interviewing the band and asking if they were sellouts for making they're music more poppy with Warehouse and signing with a major label. Yup, here we go, on YouTube, of course (not where I originally saw it, but there you go).

  3. Molly, this is awesome! Makes me wonder how much awesomeness I missing out on in life: The Replacements on Carson? Black Flag on Dinah Shore? Time to wander around on YouTube for a while. The mind wobbles.

  4. it couldn't have been 20 years ago that we did saw Husker Du?!? One of my fav memories. Thanks for not spilling the beans to my kids about me not being a perfect, rule following, parent respecting teen!

  5. This just turned up in my search – I was at that show, had just moved to Minneapolis post college, was cutting work and also got caught on camera and busted by my co-workers.

    Though can’t find me in the vid, I think it cuts out, I was behind people holding a sign that read “Hüsker Dü on Today” or something like that.

    And yes, then the band played a free 45 minute set for all of us who’d shown up. Great memory of the spirit of a time and place.

    I just saw Bob Mould last night in Brooklyn, which brought all this to mind.

  6. I just learned Grant Hart passed away from cancer, age 56. He was living in Saint Paul. I was on the plaza that day in the rain and enjoyed the heck out of it. Thank you, Grant, may you RIP.
    John Hoffman, Chisago City, MN

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