Heather reads to the pets

The Bear Twins Get Dressed
Originally uploaded by h. donohue.

I have lots of pets. Don't laugh. They are a source of great joy and comfort. But with our travels, some of the pets had to go into a box — there were too many to bring and we needed them to protect our goods from the evil movers. Some of the pets are with me and Enrique. You're probably well acquainted with Hamish, the blue elephant, if you know me. BrwnBer is with Enrique.

The other pets are on vacation with Nick and Heather in Montclair, New Jersey. Heather has taken the opportunity to read to them. Left to right: Scotty (the tiger), Euclid (the alien) Saffron Georgia Petunia Ionesco (the rhinoceros), Opus (who is 22 years old), and Max (the fuzzy dog). Nick and Heather are great hosts, as you can see.

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