QotD: My First Single

Music-wise, what was the first 45, single or download you bought? 
Submitted by Paddy Melt Wagon.

I took the bus to the Midway neighborhood of St. Paul, to Montgomery Ward's record department. I was 8 — a second grader — and I bought Blondie's "Rapture." (To be honest, I think that my friend's mom must have been with us and that we did not take the bus alone as eight year-olds, but maybe we did.)

First record album: Diana Ross Diana.

First cassette: Men At Work Cargo.

First CD: I'm embarrassed to say it might've been Pink Floyd's The Wall because I wanted to buy something where the sound quality would matter. In reality, it was a Christmas present. I'd also wanted Louder than Bombs but it was too expensive on CD.

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