We are engaged!

(You probably have heard this elsewhere)…

A week ago tonight on the 2.5 year anniversary of when we met and started dating, Enrique asked me to marry him. I said yes. (Three times.)

To the left is a picture of my Grandma Mae's ring. She gave it to me when I was 10 or so but told me I couldn't have it till I was grown up; when I was grown up but actively nomadic, she said I should settle down a bit. I think this moment qualifies.

Tentative plans for summer 2008 wedding in Minneapolis, possibly later than summer depending on a whole bunch of things.

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  1. i'm going to be in mpls from 12/18 till 1/8. and i'm hoping you guys will be able to come to our wedding … we'd love to have you.

  2. give us a call when you're in town and see if we can't get together! My work schedule is still M, Thurs and Fridays.

    Of course, we'd love to attend your wedding! Have you found the location yet?

  3. Give me a call when you are town. We will both be around and want to celebrate your engagement. We have some good bubbly that needs an excuse to be opened.

  4. I'm there as of the 18th and will be around till the 8th of Jan (though I may go to Texas too). I hope I'll see a lot of you guys.

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