So well, I fly back today

It's been a really hard Christmas, a long trip (3 weeks) away from Princeton, long enough for a side visit to San Antonio to visit Enrique's family. I also have found a wedding dress and potential wedding location, a great caterer that I can't use at said location, and a flower shop run by two guys out of a former gas station. I have three papers due in a week and will likely only complete two. Par for the course, I hear. We want a dog but we're low on cash.

I guess all of this is to say that I'm ready to get my 2008 on. I need to get back to the routine, eat normal amounts, drink less, exercise. You know the drill. I feel optimistic about this.Plus, soon we get new classes.  That's always fun.

Also, every year, I post a look back on 2007. I started writing mine but then we had to put the dog to sleep and I felt rotten and didn't really feel like looking back on anything.

Okay so, safe travels. Maybe I should blog more. Hm.

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