Active Social Plastic: please visit me there

2010 update: Active Social Plastic is on hiatus and I’m handling its content here on

I’ve moved!  I am blogging at Active Social Plastic — please find me there.

Otherwise, I have completed my third semester of my PhD at Princeton University in architecture. My topics of interest include 19th century Paris, postal services, pneumatic tubes; 1920s and 30s Berlin and German cultural history, functionalism; 1950s and 60s cybernetics in England and the United States and the connections of art, architecture and systems theory; 1960s-70s Italian industrial, product and furniture design; Playboy magazine and its influence on architecture, design and technology especially in the 1960s-1970s; 1970s responsiveness and mobility in architecture.

Coming soon for Girlwonder dot com: some kind of more professional description. Stay tuned, but do visit Active Social Plastic for my occasional commentary.

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