Some things you were never meant to lose/things you’ll keep

15 years ago this summer, my then boyfriend Keith reviewed a band called The Apartments for an indie rock zine. They’ve been around off and on since 1978 and reformed again in 2007. (They’re on Myspace now, too.)

It’s one of the best wistful songs I know, one I’ve written about on this blog more than once in the 15 years. Here it is for you:  Things You’ll Keep. Enjoy.


  1. We don’t know each other, but you are one of the reasons I took to blogging a few years back (an ex followed your site and told me about it). You might not remember this, but you once put out a request for someone to send you an mp3 of “Things You’ll Keep”. Perhaps dozens of people sent it to you, but I definitely remember being one of them. I felt like such a pirate at the time.

    I finally found a legit CD of A Life Full of Farewells in Portland a couple months ago.

  2. Of course I remember– I still listen to your pirated copy because the cd is in a box far from where I am. Thank you for putting it back in my life. I think I’ll listen to it this morning and cry a bit… it’s good for that. 🙂

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