All-Nite Grocery! Walt Mink!

Walt Mink was a terrific band from St. Paul in the early 90s. They were named after a psychology professor at Macalester did a great cover of Pink Moon, they did a great couple albums, they were great live…

Thanks to Willfully Obscure, I heard something I’ve not heard since 1992, hanging out with my then boyfriend Andrew, a bike mechanic: their demo tape! Best of all — All-Nite Grocery, their song about going shopping at Rainbow Foods in the middle of the night. “10 Second Head Start!” Listen to it here.  Walt Mink – All Nite Grocery

And if you’re really a Walt Mink fan, visit Willfully Obscure and download the album there (and note that Candice, their beautiful and awesome bassist actually posted in the comments!