Randomness, order, art and copyright

“I decided to register the copyright for Gaussian-Quadratic with the Library of Congress. At first they refused since a machine had generated the work. I epxlained that a human being had written the program that incorporated randomness and order. They again refused to regsiter the work, stating that randomness was not acceptable. I finally explained… Continue reading Randomness, order, art and copyright

pinball 1973 (a lesson)

From one of my favorite Haruki Murakami books, not published in the US. Where there’s an entrance, there’s got to be an exit. Most things work that way. Public mailboxes, vacuum cleaners, zoos, plastic condiment squeeze bottles. Of course, there are things that don’t. For example, mousetraps. * * * I once set a mousetrap… Continue reading pinball 1973 (a lesson)

RIP Jean Baudrillard

If the spectacle is crucial in the constructing our reality, what does it mean when its messenger dies? RIP, Jean Baudrillard.

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