internet fame is fleeting

internet fame is fleeting Originally uploaded by michaelsharon. In the age of “let’s talk about blogs blogs and more blogs!” I sighed and thought, when webzines were cool, I was Maxi. Alas.

Laryngitic effects of SXSW

It’s been, as always, a busy few days in Austin, and it’s nice to have a day of coffee shop downtown with Enrique. I’m completely laryngitic and talking is proving difficult. This year, SXSW Interactive exploded, and while I’m happy for its success, I don’t like that there were so many people. I’ve always loved… Continue reading Laryngitic effects of SXSW

Limor Fried is cool

I’ve been loving the DIY Media panel at SXSW — I’ve just seen Limor Fried speak, and she is rocking my world. Go check out the amazing things she makes. She does open source hardware and really cool stuff. For all the women blogger movements and panels and such I see (and I do appreciate:… Continue reading Limor Fried is cool

My panel on CNET

My SXSW panel just got a mention in CNET today. We leave for Austin around 3. Yay!

Texas is the reason, 9th edition

It’s March, and that means it’s time for South by Southwest Interactive. This will be my ninth consecutive conference, and I’ll be speaking on the “Cyberplace– Online in Offline Spaces, and Vice-Versa” panel, with Heath Row of Squidoo, Dennis Crowley of Dodgeball, Michael Sharon of Socialight, and Scott Heiferman of Meetup. As far as I… Continue reading Texas is the reason, 9th edition

A SF decade

A decade ago today, I closed up my bags in New York, got on a flight, and moved to San Francisco. I loved the view of the Noe Valley hills out the front apartment windows. I loved the nature of the light and the air, the colors of the buildings, the coffee shop around the… Continue reading A SF decade

10 things

Okay. Maggie tagged me and wants me to name 10 interesting things about myself. In turn, I’m tagging my friend Fred, who may be looking to procrastinate before his final review. 1. My favorite thing to ask people is, what’s the thing you know a lot about, that no one ever asks you about, or… Continue reading 10 things

Mile high post

It’s one thing to write a blog post while flying. It’s another to post from 39,000 feet, ostensibly somewhere above Iceland, on my way to Berlin. To make matters even better, it’s free: the authentication server was down. So I’m getting free wireless all the way there. (I plan to sleep most of the way,… Continue reading Mile high post

Berlin tomorrow

It’s a few weeks into the semester and tomorrow is the Stefan Behnisch studio trip to Berlin. It’s my second time there since November’s Design Engaged. We’re going to be looking at the Palast der Republik, and I’m going to be scouting archives, Plattenbau, and ornament. Also, the Transmediale is happening, which will be good,… Continue reading Berlin tomorrow