The series of tubes is out of control

Yesterday, I woke up to a bunch of comment notifications on a post I’d written about pneumatic tubes and the postal service in France on Active Social Plastic, my other blog. My first thought was, “Uh oh. Spam.” (There’s an inferiority complex for you.) It turned out that Bruce Sterling and Cory Doctorow at Boing… Continue reading The series of tubes is out of control

Paper writing time

The way things work in my PhD program, we have a 12-week semester and then we write research papers. The papers aren’t generally due within the semester. In the winter, we hand them in in January, during the reading period. I’m firmly in the middle of that period right now. So far, it’s going well.… Continue reading Paper writing time

Final review at 1:30 — done!

Please to cross your fingers for me, to send good thoughts, to wish me well. At 1:30, I give my final semester presentation. It’s been an exhausting week, between long papers and my first Ph.D. application (and more than that–I’ll post later). But. Think well of me at 1:30. This is the most exhausting presentation… Continue reading Final review at 1:30 — done!

Time and braveness

Use time well. Use time creatively. Don’t trap time. Don’t let time slip away. Don’t be scared. Be brave. This quote from Cedric Price Opera is in the Jude Kelly section on page 87. I’m not sure whether she said it but rather hope Cedric Price instead did. Kind words for me, as I write… Continue reading Time and braveness