Keynoting the Internetdagarna conference, Stockholm, November 2017

Since 1998, I’ve given more than 100 invited talks at conferences, workshops and universities, both academic and in a professional context, in North America, Europe,  Asia, and South America, including featured, keynote and closing plenary talks.

some recent talks

I gave a keynote talk titled Architects, Designers, and the Invention of AI at Internetdagarna in Stockholm in November 2017. It’s the conference put on by the Internet Foundation in Sweden, the organization that runs the top-level domain (.se) for the country.

In June 2017, I spoke at the Eyeo Festival in my hometown, Minneapolis. The talk is about AI’s architectural history (also one of the main subjects of my book). I titled it “These Important Years” in a hometown shoutout to Hüsker Dü. (Eyeo is the conference where I met my husband five years ago, and since the conference was in my hometown, my parents and nephew were in the audience.)

Eyeo 2017 – Molly Wright Steenson from Eyeo Festival // INSTINT on Vimeo.


I spoke at the first O’Reilly Design Conference in January 2016 about the history of artificial intelligence and information architecture, in a talk titled “From AI to IA: How AI & Architecture Created Interactivity.” The architecture of digital systems isn’t just a metaphor. It developed out of a 50-year collaborative relationship between architects and designers, on one side, and technologists in AI, cybernetics, and computer science, on the other. This talk traces that history of interaction, tying it to contemporary lessons aimed at designing for a complex world.

In Chicago in October 2014, I gave a talk as part of MAS Context’s lecture series that neatly encapsulates what my book is about.

I gave a talk at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal in 2013 titled “Information Archeologies, or: ‘Occasionally, Jumps Happen,'” on the history of digital design and architecture.

Why do interaction designers love Christopher Alexander when architects hate him? That’s something I asked in a dotdotdot talk at the School for Visual Arts in New York in 2009.

I’m interested in issues about data, identity and place. I gave this Ignite talk at the Eyeo Festival in 2013.

I’ve given Ignite talks about pneumatic tubes in San Jose, LA, NYC and Philly, and 33,000 people have watched this one at last count. I’ve given a longer version at Nerd Nite in Madison as well.

The podcast 99% Invisible kicked off their third season with an episode on pneumatic tubes that featured an interview with me in September 2012.