This begins to express my mental state

Molly Dresses Herself
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My best outfit yet. This shows where my brain is. My thesis is due in 24 hours. (This isn't what I'm wearing today, this was Sunday, when I didn't leave the house.)

I have just written the following to remind myself of how I'll feel soon:

"you will finish it in 24 hours and be tired but it will feel good. the sun will rise and you'll be done and it might be raining or it might be beautiful, but you will be done. you will print it and it will be a tome. you won't believe you did all that. you can't quite believe it. you'll set it free, know it will come back with holes in it, you'll have to defend it but at the very least, you'll be done and can move on with your life."

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QotD: Call The Fashion Police

You must have been a fashion victim at least once in your life. What hideous blunder did you commit? 
Submitted by Tina

I'm sure I've been a part of many — the 3 1/2 inch high flattop in high school, the knickers (no, not panties: knee-high pants) from fourth grade. But the most recent one was when I was working at home. It gets drafty in this loft apartment. I put on my favorite multicolored stripy tights I got with Maggie in Munich a few years back, a denim skirt and a bright, multicolored Oililly sweater.

Enrique came home, took one look at me and burst out laughing. I tried to argue that the same orange, green and purple in the tights was also in the sweater. He said I looked ridiculous. At least I didn't make it out of the house.

These days, my biggest fashion blunder is that my clothes don't fit. Thank you, grad school, for giving me what I used to call consulting ass. Except when I had consulting ass, I could afford to buy more clothes! Grad students can't. I look forward to fitting into my jeans again. I can't buy another pair and I don't think that I should wear those stripy tights and sweater to class…

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