Officially Princeton

It was not a foregone conclusion, despite the elation in this picture. But now, it is official.

I'm going to be attending Princeton's Architecture Ph.D. program in the fall. So is Enrique. This means the opportunity to work closely with M. Christine Boyer (who teaches a course on the history of cybernetics and was a mathematician at IBM way back when), Beatriz Colomina (who ties together architecture and media, something which interests me a great deal), Spyros Papapetros (a Germanist who translated Raum als Membran, a text I've been looking for for 15 years), Ed Eigen (cross-appointment with history of science), and Sarah Whiting (a heavy player in the current debates on theory and form).

I'm also delighted to be joining an outstanding student body–this is one of the key considerations. Two of the people from my master's program at Yale are there a class ahead of me, as are other graduates from several years ago. I had a chance to catch up on the work of two current students at the symposium we hosted last weekend (more on this soon) and was very impressed with the work.

The hard part is, this means we will not be attending Michigan, the other program from which we received an offer. My close friend and mentor, Claire Zimmerman, is at the school and was a big reason for me to apply. When I visited, I discovered a strong program, great faculty and a good working atmosphere. It was an emotional decision to turn it down.

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Michigan said yes

As you probably know, Enrique and I both applied to PhD programs in architecture. We submitted applications to MIT, Princeton, Harvard and Michigan. We received word from our first one: Michigan said yes — to both of us! These programs accept between 2-5 students, so it's a very big deal to get in anywhere. There is no such thing as a safety school. We are 50% of the ones they accepted! Now, we wait on MIT, Princeton and Harvard. Cross your fingers.

In the meantime, I pursue Plans B, C and D. I'm interviewing tomorrow to be a professor at Parsons (Plan B), talking to design and research firms (Plan C) and considering to apply for some newly announced curator positions at MoMA (Plan D). But oh, how I would like to do a PhD program. And for Enrique and I to continue being in the same place — or the same program — that would be great.

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