Hüsker Dü on the Today Show

Oh Melissa, please tell me you're reading.

It hit me tonight that somewhere on the Internets, there must be a video record of the first time I really cut school, 20 years ago (?!) when Hüsker Dü played on the Today Show. Melissa and I drove to downtown Minneapolis to see this. The band played for about 30 seconds on the show, then went on to play a 45 minute gig in downtown Minneapolis, right outside what is now the courthouse where my mom is a judge.

There's some part where I was caught on camera during a commercial break. My mom was watching the show and didn't see me. I think it took years before I admitted that I had indeed cut school to do this — but what a great, legendary Minneapolis region to do so. I was 15.

The sound sucks but the clip is great.

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