Driving around San Antonio last year, Enrique and I heard "Maldita Vecindad & Los Hijos Del Quinto Patio" in an NPR story on "rock en EspaƱol." This year, we bought the album in San Antonio and drove around, listening to it.

It's Mexican ska from the 80s. And it's really great.

Listen to it and dance manically. Maniacally.

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QotD: This Time Last Year

What were you doing one year ago today?
Submitted by CassandraMorgan.

Just as we will be on Saturday this week, we were on our way from San Antonio to Hartford, Connecticut, where we took the Connecticut Limo bus back to New Haven. Like last year, we had spent our spring break in Texas, at SXSW and with Enrique's parents in San Antonio.

Texas spring break: kicks ass.

Mushy March on the East Coast: not so much.

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