Vox Hunt: Shhh!

Thomas Pynchon

Book: Show us a book that made you laugh out loud.
Submitted by Red Pen.

Two Pynchon books in how many posts?

I got this book in 1991 when I lived in Utrecht, Holland. I was reading it one evening at 't Hoogt and was laughing so hard, people kept joining me at my table to find out what was so funny.

For as much as I've not gotten through Gravity's Rainbow, I love Vineland and have read it and Crying of Lot 49 several times.

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Vox Hunt: Couldn’t Get Through It

Book: Show us a book you started reading but never finished.

I've tried. I brought it home for Christmas. I took a class for which it was assigned. I wrote a paper on an excerpt last year.

It is Enrique's favorite book: he's read it four times. But I'm stuck on page 141 of Gravity's Rainbow. I have not given up hope — I will finish it at some point.

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Vox Hunt: I See You

Show us your eyeball.
Submitted by Cassie.

my eye
jack's eye

I took a lot of pictures of people's eyes a few years back — which is when I snapped these images.

The first eye is my own, seemingly without mascara (a rarity).

The second is Jack's of Schulze and Webb. He has brilliant, piercing blue eyes. When I played the name game with Ray, a graduate of Jack's program at the Royal College of Art, I said, "He's tall."  Ray said, "He has beautiful eyes, right?" See?

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Vox Hunt: A Real Mess

Show us a mess.
Submitted by Josie.

Here is my mess. This is a pile of sweaters, a book on CIAM that I referred to for a paper at the end of the semester, two small umbrellas in red and black, socks, an inside-out Norwegian sweater from Oleanna, a black hoodie from Old Navy, the armsof a Petit Bateau shirt, a belt, a Christmas box from my stepmom, the binder of all of our thesis chapter submissions, and more junk and junk.

I wish I were tidier, I wish we had more closet space (the closet is not a mess: it has an Elfa system), I wish we had a basement or some kind of storage.

BUT IT IS A HAPPY MESS BECAUSE I AM HOME. I am happy for this mess because I left my mom's place at noon and it took me 12 hours to get to my own bed, thanks to a long layover in Chicago. But I got upgraded, a lucky thing for a grad student who isn't sure why she's maintained her Premier Executive status after flying 11,000 miles last year on United (I figure it expires in February).

Let me repeat: I am home! I miss my family, but I'm so psyched for the semester. Maybe I should fold up some sweaters.

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