Vox Hunt: Couldn’t Get Through It

Book: Show us a book you started reading but never finished. Gravity’s Rainbow (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition) Thomas Pynchon I've tried. I brought it home for Christmas. I took a class for which it was assigned. I wrote a paper on an excerpt last year. It is Enrique's favorite book: he's read it four times.… Continue reading Vox Hunt: Couldn’t Get Through It

Vox Hunt: I See You

Show us your eyeball.Submitted by Cassie. I took a lot of pictures of people's eyes a few years back — which is when I snapped these images. The first eye is my own, seemingly without mascara (a rarity). The second is Jack's of Schulze and Webb. He has brilliant, piercing blue eyes. When I played… Continue reading Vox Hunt: I See You