2008 cities

As inspired by Jason Kottke (and as reported previously on this site about 2005 and 2006… 2007 skipped because it was an awful December and January), my 2008 year in cities. A * means multiple, non-consecutive trips.

I traveled a lot; I also lived in Berlin for the summer. Of my personal velocity, Dopplr says:

* Minneapolis, MN

* Realitos, TX
* San Antonio, TX
* New Haven, CT
* Princeton, NJ
* New York, NY
Savannah, GA
Austin, TX
* San Francisco, CA
* London, UK
* Berlin, Germany
Copenhagen, Denmark
Goch, Germany
* Düsseldorf, Germany
Hamburg, Germany
Budapest, Hungary
Lake Balaton, Hungary
A night on a train between Budapest, Vienna and Munich
Paris, France
Utrecht, the Netherlands
Monticello, NY (for All Tomorrow’s Parties)
Memphis, TN
Charlotte, SC (stuck overnight)
Montreal, Quebec
Redmond, WA
Nassau, the Bahamas
Chicago, IL