Goin’ down to South Park…

I’m procrastinating. This is the South Park version of me and Enrique (though in real life, he is a foot taller than me, almost.) It’s Jeff Robbins’ fault because of his his South Park family. You too can get one at the South Park Studio.

My 2005 cities

Jenn, inspired by Meg and Jason, did her own year in cities. In turn, she inspired me. I was on the road a lot this year. Five countries. Lots of cities, lots of long stays in places. This year, I’ll probably travel less. Cities with asterisks were visited on multiple occassions on non-consecutive days. *… Continue reading My 2005 cities

School starts

We’re now in the shopping week for classes. I’ve explained this before: we show up for all kinds of courses, and decide what we want to take (as our courses decide if they want us). This is proving trickier since this semester, everything I’m taking is either an architecture course, or an history of art… Continue reading School starts

A look back at 2005

Last year, via Alex’s blog (and linked to someone else), I encountered this set of questions. I wish I could point you to my 2004 answers, but they’re not online right now. I opened this back up and started working on the answers to them when I was procrastinating over doing one of my end… Continue reading A look back at 2005

Happy new year!

… and greetings from San Antonio, Texas. I spent the new year on a ranch in Realitos, Texas, with Enrique’s wonderful family. I kept forgetting what month it was — it was in the 80s, and at night, Enrique was still wearing shorts. With his mom and dad, family friend Nati, niece Kaitlyn (9) and… Continue reading Happy new year!