My 2005 cities

Jenn, inspired by Meg and Jason, did her own year in cities. In turn, she inspired me. I was on the road a lot this year. Five countries. Lots of cities, lots of long stays in places. This year, I’ll probably travel less. Cities with asterisks were visited on multiple occassions on non-consecutive days.
* San Francisco*
* Ivrea, Italy*
* Turin, Italy*
* Milan, Italy
* Amsterdam, the Netherlands*
* London, UK*
* Los Angeles, CA*
* Valetta, Malta
* New York*
* New Haven, CT*
* Austin, TX*
* Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN*
* San Antonio, TX*
* Realitos, TX
Update: Andrew reminds me that of course, I went to Berlin! And for that matter, I went to Düsseldorf. So that makes an additional country visited and two more cities. How could I forget?


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