Texas is the reason, 9th edition

It’s March, and that means it’s time for South by Southwest Interactive. This will be my ninth consecutive conference, and I’ll be speaking on the “Cyberplace– Online in Offline Spaces, and Vice-Versa” panel, with Heath Row of Squidoo, Dennis Crowley of Dodgeball, Michael Sharon of Socialight, and Scott Heiferman of Meetup.
As far as I know, I’ve been consecutively going to SXSW Interactive longer than anyone I know, which isn’t to say that I top everyone at the conference, but certainly most people. When I first went in 1998, I met people who changed my life and who became a core part of my group of friends for many years (though I suppose this is less the case since I’ve moved away and left a 100% Web/mobile career). I’m thrilled, as always, to be going back. This year, I’m bringing Enrique, and we’re staying with my friend Justin — no Hotel San Jose, except for cocktails. And I can’t wait. It’s my favorite time of year.
We’ve gotten a head start on Texas springtime now, enjoying the warm weather and good company of Enrique’s family in San Antonio. It’s been lazy in the nicest way, with books, Sudoku (yes, I am an addict when there’s time), shopping sprawl, novellas, Lost, and doggies. We arrived Sunday night late, but today, we’re back to schoolwork.
Today, I’m writing my paper on nostalgia, memory and the postmodern, which I’m going to flesh out into the longer piece I need to write for my thesis this semester. Postmodernism? Indeed. Bob Stern, the dean of the school, believes it’s coming back. I do too, in some sense. It’s relevant again, though not the part of the theoretical conversation that totally collapsed upon itself.
I’m off for some pancakes and some sitting on the back porch. More from Austin. Yay.


  1. I also am staring my 9th consecutive SXSWi in the face, though I suppose it’s not as impressive since I live in Austin. This year I might not even be an official attendee, but I’ll at least be at some of the parties. That way I can still be the guy you always see at SXSW.

  2. I am SO impressed with you! I don’t know how you fit all this in, but I sometimes daydream that I could pull off your kind of life… I can’t even bring myself to think about getting on a plane, letting alone flying off to here and there as often as you do. Enjoy the conference – I’m sure you are the brightest star there every year.

  3. To clarify, SXSW was wonderful, just way too big

    First of all, let me clarify something — I had a wonderful time at South by Southwest. I always do. As I’ve mentioned previously, this was the ninth time I’ve attended and spoken, and look forward to my tenth…

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