weeknote 04

I’m finding that as I sit down to do my weeknotes, it’s as much about what’s coming up as it is about what I’ve just done. That’s probably to be expected, even though last week was exciting and relaxing and enjoying Mexico City. The key thing is that my oral exam for my generals is… Continue reading weeknote 04

Vacation’s over

I'm packing up to leave Minneapolis and head back to New Haven for the start of my last semester of my master's degree. But *these* pictures are from the Texas leg of the trip. I spent five days with Enrique's terrific family in San Antonio and on their ranch in Realitos, about 65 miles from… Continue reading Vacation’s over

My 2006 cities

Anil, inspired by others, listed his 2006 cities. I did last year, too. Here are mine. Asterisk means multiple visits. Realitos, TX San Antonio, TX* Austin, TX* Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN* New Haven, CT* (where I live) New York, NY* Seattle, WA Cambridge, MA* Seekonk, MA Chicago, IL Dallas, TX Bangalore, India* (lived there for the… Continue reading My 2006 cities